ALOC Meeting reminder September 21st, at 1:30 pm

aloc meeting

ALOC meets Saturday, September 21st, 2013, at 1:30 pm at Beardall Senior Center, 800 S. Delaney Ave, Orlando.  Hope you had a nice summer.


  • Business briefing/announcements/
  • Deliver artwork (1 to 2 pieces of new work, no size limit) to this meeting for the University Club of Winter Park Show (Sept 26-Oct 29,2013).   The theme is “Glimpses of Winter Park.” Application form should have been sent to Eliza by Sept 2  for labels and price list. Work must be wrapped in plastic or bubble wrap, wired for hanging, and labeled. Bring $10 fee to participate in show (payable to ALOC).  Work will be stored at Beardall until installed Sept 25th.  No individual work will be delivered to University Club.    For additional info, please contact co-chairs Arlene Kartak, or Eliza Pineau,
    Oct 13–University Club reception. 2-4 pm. Members bring food, drinks. Cash awards and ribbons will be awarded by Ken Austin, judge.
    Pick up work: Wed, Oct 30, from the Beardall Center, Art Room,  2-4 pm.
  • Demonstration:  Linda Brant, on her Project:  Honoring:

     ”My current art practice is an exploration of the concept of honoring.  Honoring human and non-human animals can take many forms ranging from traditional burials and furnerary rituals to everyday acts such as sharing stories, pictures and memories.  This diversity is reflected in my art work, which includes sculptures made from bones and found objects, photographs, interviews, field work, mapping and participatory pieces. 

     On Saturday, I invite all of you to help me make a map of honoring, as you understand it.  Everyone will contribute something to the map. You might contribute something written – such as a poem, quotation or story. Or, you might draw, paint or sketch something.  You might even contribute something like a small sculpture made from paper, clay or bone.  You can work directly on the map, or pin your piece to the map.  

    The medium you use is up to you.  You can interpret the theme of honoring in any way that you like.  I would encourage you to make something small, since all of the pieces will be assembled on a map which is about  36 x 42 inches.  Bring whatever materials/supplies you like to work with.  There are no limits or restrictions.”

  • Refreshments (please bring snacks to share)

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