ALOC Meeting Reminder Jan. 16th at 1:30 PM

Vikcy jones WP Art Fair 197069_1881462191852_8232106_n

ALOC meets Saturday, Jan. 16th, at noon at Beardall Senior Center, 800 S. Delaney Ave, Orlando.


  • Board Meeting: 12:00 Noon
  • General Meeting beings 1:30 PM
  • General Announcements, 50 / 50, Social Activities, Brunch Pot Luck (bring some food to share, there will be some soft drinks and coffee.)

January’s Demonstration is by Vicki Jones.  She is a former member of ALOC.  She is an award winning graphite artist and is featured in many Florida festivals.  She has also demonstrated mono printing which is a reversal of painting on a hard surface. One of her drawings from the Winter Park Art Fair is above. You can connect with her on Facebook, at the link.

New Cover for Directory:

For those interested in creating the new cover it can be any media, as long as it can be reproduced to fit a 6 x 6 square. Please have Entry ready for January’s meeting. Winner receives one free year without annual dues.


It is time to pay your dues for 2015 Please pay dues to the Joyce Wilder-Aide the treasurer

Joyce’s Address is:

5120 Andrea Blvd

Orlando, FL  32807

Dues can be paid at any time but the deadline to be in the directory for 2016 will be January 16th to give us enough time to publish the directory by March.

New directory in process please submit any new or revised information to Ann Pulling at

(New Email address)

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