Kathleen Chenet Demonstrates Her Painting Techniques

We thought you would enjoy seeing a painting develop over the course of a few snap shots.

Chenet-1-IMG_1148 At the last ALOC meeting on February 20,renowned Oil painter Kathleen Chenet walked us through her typical method for painting a landscape.

She also shared her typical paint pallet of oils, which she prefers:
Cadmium Red Light
Cadmium Yellow Light
Alizarin Crimson
French Ultramarine
Prussian Blue (mix with yellow for green)
Viridian Green
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna (for the ground beneath the painting)
Titanium White

She paints Dark to light,

She paints Thin to Thick (lighter colors are thicker)

She paints Transparent to Opaque (lighter colors are more opaque)


She mixed a dark blackish green and smeared it across her whole canvas with a VIVA paper towel, soaked in a medium she likes, but turpentine is similar. Then with a clean dry paper towel, she wipes of the areas that will be lighter colors in the finished painting.


Then she starts by painting in her darkest colors over the dark areas,


The next step is mixing some lighter greens and painting them in.


Finally she paints in the yellow and white highlights on the leaves and edges.

For more instruction by talented artists, join ALOC and attend our meetings.

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