Inspiration Show Winners

ALOC Member Show – “INSPIRATION” At the Casselberry Art House, is going on now from March 8th thorough April 1st, 2016


inspiration phillis taylor 1st

“Remember the Time” by Phyllis “Pannett” Taylor, Charcoal

This is a strong composition, aided by the chosen subject matter. Composition, subject matter, choice of medium, all come together to make a complete work. Draftsmanship is excellent, catching the thoughtful expression on the man’s face. Black and white medium enhances subject. Evocative, of another time.


Beatrice-Athanas_Morning-Fog“Morning Fog” Beatrice Athanas, Oil

Eye-catching composition, leading the viewer into the scene, down the steam. Unusual color choices, which are well handled. A good example of the theme of the show, “Inspiration.” This is an inspirational locale handled in a majestic style.


LISA-CHEN_The-Love-Tree“The Love Tree” Lisa Chen, Mixed Media

This is a very interesting, work, which brought up questions as I looked at it. The Interesting materials; fine detail mixed with larger shapes, make it appealing to look at, and the words mixed in kept my interest. I kept going back to have another look.


inspiration dawn wicklow h-m

“Incoming Angels”, Dawn Wicklow. Alcohol Ink on Yupo

Strong composition and use of color. It seems to be almost out of control, but the artist reined it in and kept control, giving it strength.


Free Spirit_1824_MLweb“Free Spirit”, Beth Fowler, Acrylic

A breezy tribute to the Sixties and Op Art, an inspiring time in our art history. This composition was well thought out and placement of colors and shapes work with the composition. Colors are reminiscent of the Op Art/Pop Art era.

If you are have artwork up for the show please remember to pick up your art work on April 4th 2016 from the Casselberry Art House. 10 AM -2 PM.

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