Smart and Darnell Win the Art House Show!

The recent Artist League of Orange County Member Show just had their reception and judging. Doris Smart took 1st Place, and her painting is above. The show continues through the 29th. It is showing at the Casselberry Art House and our esteemed judge had the following explanations regarding the selections:
Judging art shows are difficult. I have judged many shows and the outcomes are never the same. Occasionally the three best pieces scream out at me while other times there are so many fine pieces that it requires a lot of deliberation. When I look at an exhibition I look for artwork that explores medium, artwork that explores vibrant color, and artwork that conveys felling and emotions. Judging is essentially a subjective exercise, one settled by experience, knowledge, and personal taste. Ideally, judgments are based on an experienced eye, through years of seeing and feeling and separating the delicate factors that distinguish a work of art. What makes a work compelling? Is it computational harmony? Is it the perfect balance of form and content? Is it emotional quality? I think the ALOC is a fantastically diverse group of artists. Selecting the “best” work is always very personal choice. I want to applaud the members of ALOC for such a wonderful exhibit.
First Place:
Doris Smart, “High Tide” Mixed media 16” x 24” (above)
There is no shortage of ocean paintings in Florida but this painting is very different. I found it compelling and I kept coming back to it. The abstract quality attracted me and when I took a closer look I discovered these little jewels; the use of delicate mica and tiny glass beads which created a stunning textural effect.  The subtle use of textures and dry-brushing were equally beautiful. The painting also expressed the powerful forces of nature, the dark sky contrasted dramatically with the cresting white capped waves. 
Second Place:
Tim Darnell “Odilion’s Path” Acrylic 25” x 33”
It has been well over a century since the end of Post Impressionism yet I feel this painting has a contemporary sense color and design. This painting captured the essence of the moment, strong light filtering through trees. The hot yellow vibrates with contrasting spots of color, it reminded me of Wolf Kahn’s paintings field painting. I admire paintings which use colors so effectively.
Third Place
Thomas Carmon “For Joy” Mix Media / Encaustic
These tiny little paintings are stunning. I was torn between this piece and one of Mr. Carmon’s nudes. I notice I was spending more time looking at the lovely colors and textures in this piece. I have been spending a lot of time looking at the incredible Mummy Painting from Fayum Egypt. I am intrigued with the encaustic process and loved the way is was used in this artwork.  
Honorable Mentions:
Eliza Pineau Casler “Tribute to a Charming Life” Acrylic 12” x 12”
I found this little painting very well executed. The scale was intimate and I felt that the painter had a genuine fondness for her subject. 
Anne Pullin “A Young Family” Sumi-e watercolor 20” x 16”
I have spent a lot of time in Asia, I lived in Hong Kong and last summer I taught art in Beijing. I love this style of painting. I was drawn to this watercolor because of its skillful execution and subject matter.

 Good Job!

ALOC usually has two Member Shows a year. Join ALOC and exhibit your art with us.


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