The Artists League of Orange County is Meeting All Summer 2021!

The board has been busy making plans for our summer reunion. Despite the fact that ALOC has taken the summers off for decades, we have never experienced a global pandemic before that put our meetings on hold. We miss everyone and can’t wait to see all of you! So this summer we will meet the third Saturday of July & August!

Our first meeting back will be at the Beardall Center. We will follow current CDC guidelines. For the time being, we will not be sharing food. Please feel free to bring your own beverage and snack. In July we are planning a still life drawing. Please bring something to add to our still life along with a drawing pad and your preferred drawing tools. We would also love to see the art you may have created during our time apart. If you took a break from art-making, join us to get inspired!

Betty will be sending out a newsletter with the exact date as we await the final word from the Beardall staff. You can also check back here on the website.

See you all soon!

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